Branded Bottle Openers

Sometimes, a certain situation will call for a certain tool, such as a bottle opener. Failing that one particular item, you may require top agent MacGyver who can transform everyday items into a bottle opener. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with latter, but we do offer plenty of promotional bottle openers in a variety of styles to suit your individuals needs and flairs to provide that ever needed piece of kit.

We offer a broad range of styles suitable for all styles, including several deluxe sets which come in their own presentation boxes, which would make an ideal accompaniment to any one whom has been awarded a delightful bottle of bubbly. Many of our other styles fit in seamlessly with every day accessories, as we can offer a range of keyring bottle openers taking on the traditional straight edge style. Others have their own quirkiness, such as guitar, or key shaped, perhaps that of fish bones which adds additional functionality as an ear phone cable tidy.

For the more conventional bottle opener, we offer then in both colourful plastics, and also elegant satin finished steel in a slim design, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s wallet or purse without compromising on functionality for size.

 Our bottle openers can be customised with your design to provide the ideal promo item for your company, or perhaps at such great gatherings as expos and conventions, making them a highly used and well-remembered item. Contact us today for a quote!

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